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Last modified: May 18, 2022 at 8:24 am

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TC-50:almost 2L or 0.5gal
TC-100:3L or 0.8gal
TC-150A:almost 4L or 1gal
TC-150B:almost 5L or 1.5gal
TC-200:almost 10L or 2.5gal
TC-300:almost 15L or 4gal
TC-400:almost 20L or 5gal
TC-500:30L almost 8gal
1 Year Warranty FCC/CE/RoHS Certified Customized/OEM/ODM Supported
3-5min Fast Washing Efficient Cleaning Solution
Highly visible removal of soils should start almost immediately.Specially designed for washing the hard-to-clean surface of items with ordinary water and make your jewelry,watches,eyeglasses look brand new again.Adding some detergent can produce better washing effect.
4 Steps Easy to Use
1)Fill with tank with 2/3 water.
2)Press the "ON/OFF" button.
3)then set the timer.
4)Adjust the power.
Widely Used in All Walks of Life
rinse wash clean sterilize degrease remove rust spray filtration,such as scientific,aerospace,laboratory,dental,medical,chemical,healthcare,maintenance,electronics,manufacturing,machinery,music,food,cookware,auto industry.Clean jewelry,necklace,ring,earring,bracelet,eyeglass, diamond,silverware,metal badge,watchband,waterproof watch,shaver head,razor blade,denture, mouthguard,retainer, comb,coin,key,CD,record, injector,valve,nozzle and other valuables

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