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  • DUAL PROTECTION DESIGN-- Ultrasonic cleaner sink features dual protection design and quiet design, equipped with special ultrasonic resistors, professional commercial cleaning machine configuration, no need to worry about leakage caused by long-term use.
  • WITH ADJUSTMENT PANEL-- The Ultrasonic Cleaner is equipped with a 360° adjustment panel. Gently turn the 360° time adjustment operation panel from left to right to control the running time of the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Unique in design and easy to operate.
  • HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION-- High‑power output and high‑frequency vibration separate the air and water in the liquid to form 50‑500μm bubbles, which expand and burst under the action of sound pressure, reaching an instantaneous impact force of 1000 atmospheres, constantly washing the surface of the object, causing dust and oil to achieve emulsification, peeling, and clean up to micron‑level gaps.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN-- Ultra‑quiet cleaning jewelry washing machine has compact size and light weight, which allows you to clean jewelry anytime, anywhere without worrying about cleaning jewelry.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY-- You only need to wait a few minutes to enjoy shiny rings, necklaces and watches. Shiny jewelry will make you stand out from the crowd.

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0.393700787 Inches
0.393700787 Inches
2.06793601756 Pounds

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