High Power ultrasonic transducers, more uniform distribution of ultrasonic, waves, strong cleaning, and superior durability. Frequently used in jewelry workshops, watchmakers’ establishments, and electronic repair workshops
Powerful Ceramic Heater reaches the preset temperature quickly without generating excessive heat on the unit’s surface, significantly enhancing efficiency (The extra built-in cooling fan and draining valve for 6L capacity cleaner or bigger models only.)
Superior Grade, Moisture-proofed, and anti-corrosion PCB and transistors, durable 0.8mm outer shell able to withstand all working environments; Extra thick 1.1mm metal stamped liner Tank avoids welding gaps for waterproof
Versatile for all types of applications, including jewelry, optical lenses and glasses, watches, parts, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, fountain pens, golf clubs, fishing reels, window blinds, firearms, musical instruments, industrial parts, and electronic equipment. They are used in many jewelry workshops, watchmakers’ establishments, and electronic repair workshops.

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