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  • 1. Advance Cleaning Technology and Strong Washing Capacity: Using ultrasonic technology, under a specific sound wave frequency, it can achieve deep cleaning of 1-6 vinyl records, and will not damage the surface of the vinyl records.
  • 2. Timing Function and Others: With digital timing function, you can set a cleaning time of 0-20 minutes according to the status of the vinyl record. This machine can generate bubbles with a diameter of 10μm, which can penetrate into a 50μm wide audio track. The bursting force of the bubbles takes away the dust and impurities in the audio track, and can effectively avoid noise after thorough cleaning.
  • 3. Perfect Cleaning Effect: The electric cleaning rack can be rotated by electricity, and the rotating shaft will rotate at a low speed after turning on the machine (clockwise or counterclockwise can be selected) to completely clean the vinyl record, and the label will not get wet.
  • 4. Easy to Use: You can manually adjust the height of the vinyl record. After cleaning, raise the rotating shaft to make the vinyl record leave the solution, and the vinyl record will dry naturally. We can provide the method of mixing the vinyl record cleaning solution free of charge. The cleaning effect of this formula is first-rate, will not damage the vinyl record, and does not need to be rinsed with water again.
  • 5. Wide Application: Comes with a metal filter and cover, which can clean many different types of objects, including jewelry, lenses and other optical parts, watches, dentures and surgical instruments, instruments, coins, pens, musical instruments, industrial parts and electronic equipment, etc.

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