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  • The jewelry cleaning machine has 45kHZ ultrasonic waves, which can produce powerful and gentle cleaning blisters and water ripples, which penetrate blind holes, cracks and recesses, so as to perform 360° deep cleaning in all directions
  • Ultrasonic cleaner 400mL large capacity, easy to move. This is a good decoration for the room, or it may be a good gift for friends or family
  • The dirt can be thoroughly cleaned in a few minutes, and in the hard-to-reach areas within a few minutes without damaging your valuables. Made of durable stainless steel, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the ABS material shell is very easy to carry
  • Ultrasonic cleaner can add 2-3 drops of cleaning agent in the cleaning water to quickly dissolve the dirt and increase the ultrasonic cleaning effect by 20%. If the crevice dirt has formed long-term dirt, please soak for a longer time before cleaning
  • Ultrasonic cleaner is used to clean jewelry, glasses, watches, rings, coins, dentures and other small objects. You can use tap water to completely immerse these small objects

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