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  • ●Excellent cleaning ability: The entire surface is ultrasonic (not just one side), which can generate 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second. The latest cleaning technology uses ultrasonic technology to destroy the pollutants and residues in vegetables, fruits and clothes at the cellular level to achieve a deeper cleaning.
  • ●No noise: The noise is smaller than other ultrasonic cleaners and disinfection machines. It can clean in all directions at 360°, produce strong and soft impact, can penetrate blind holes, cracks and notches, and thoroughly remove and remove stains on jewelry . Ultrasound will not damage valuables such as glasses and jewelry, but will refresh them again.
  • ●Widely used: cleaning ranges from vegetables, fruits, underwear, jewelry, waterproof watches, razor heads, glasses, dentures, nails, etc. It is especially recommended to clean vegetables and fruits because it can remove more than 91% of residues. Bring a clean and healthy life. Every family deserves
  • ●Environmental cleaning tools: The ultimate ultrasonic cleaning tools change the traditional cleaning methods, reducing energy consumption and water consumption. It is not only good for you, but also good for the environment.
  • ●Ultra-high cleaning ability, easy to use: it can be used by just throwing it into water, the ultrasonic sensor (50 kHz) causes strong vibration of water molecules, thereby removing impurities from the surface of the object.

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