FANTASTIC CLEANING EFFECTS WITH 43kHz VIBRATION FREQUENCY! The new Vivreal ultrasonic cleaner uses 43kHz as the base frequency, which makes this ultrasonic cleaner generates denser bubbles to remove the dirt and contamination of your items thoroughly. IMPORTANT! Ultrasonic activity (cavitation) helps the solution to do its job; plain water would not normally be effective. The cleaning solution make ultrasonic cleaning more effective. Appropriate solution for your items makes excellent result.
5 TIMER SETTING MODES FOR DIFFERENT DEGREES OF DIRT. As the timing of cleaning is hard to decide, our new ultrasonic cleaner has preinstalled 5 timer setting modes (180s-280s-380s-480s-90s). You could choose proper mode based on varying degrees of dirt. 480s is suitable for big and severe-stained items while 90s is suitable for small and slight-stained items. Removing contamination to the largest extent on a foundation of preventing items from scuffing is the advantage of adjustable timer.
BUILT-IN WATERPROOF BUTTON, LED DIGITAL DISPLAY & AUTO SHUT OFF. The built-in design buttons of this jewelry cleaner (all of the buttons are sealed) provides waterproof cleaning experience. The LED digital display shows the modes of your setting, you could know the remaining time of cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner will shut-off automatically after the procedure. You could do other things while cleaning your items without caring for it. I.e. You are free from cleaning procedure.
MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING AS APPLIED TO DIVERSE ITEMS. With broad use of ultrasonic wave, this Vivreal ultrasonic cleaner could be used to clean many different types of items, such as CD disk, jewelry, lens, watches, dental instruments, coins, fountain pens, fishing reels, etc. It’s efficient for most of household items that could be used to clean. That’s to say, you could get the best cleaning effects with the least effort. This ultrasonic cleaner is necessary for a tidy and spotless home.
Your investment is totally guaranteed. This Vivreal ultrasonic cleaner is produced under a well-divided industrial chain. Employees are all familiar with every component of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. VIVREAL is a brand providing professional after-sale service. For any problems, please contact us and we will reply you immediately to solve your worries. In addition, we offer a FREE REPLACEMENT POLICY without any cost from your side and 1-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, totally no risk for you!

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