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  • CLEAR PERFORMANCE - A power level of 750W or 4L/1.06 Gallon volume, this water distiller can distill 1L of water per hour, for a total of 6 Gallons of water per day; Rapid, clean, safe, you can use this anywhere you need clean drinking water; Note: In order not to affect your use and taste, we kindly suggest you replace the filtering carbon pack once a week and clean this machine after using twice
  • REMOVE HARMFUL IMPURITIES - Effectively removes VOC and other harmful impurities from your water; Whether you are trying to rid water of microorganisms or of harmful chemicals, this distiller will take care of it
  • INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL - Set up an intelligent control system to monitor and control the temperature, when the heating temperature is over 257°F/125℃, the home water distiller will automatically turn off to avoid excessive temperature damage to the machine
  • POWERFUL CLEANER - The machine cleans parts with technology of ultrasonic vibration, which features great cleanability for small items with complex construction or irregular shape; 3 powerful industrial-grade 60W ultrasonic transducers (3 x 60W = 180W) make clean easy and thorough
  • HEATING FUNCTION - Preset temperature (Temperature range: 32-176℉) helps improve cleaning efficiency especially in winter; Please be aware it's only an auxiliary function but not mainly use as a water heater with individual use option, in addition, it heats water longer in winter than in normal time

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