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  • Timed Heating and Heating Function: Can be heated regularly within 0-30min, and the digital display is more efficient, which is very suitable for commercial or home use.
  • Easy to Use: 1‑30 minutes digital display timer and 20‑80℃ digital display heater is adjustable, which can be operated according to demand
  • Principle of Cleaning: The principle of the ultrasonic cleaner is to use the vibration of the air bubble to scrub the object without damaging the surface of the object
  • Practical Digital Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine: Our cleaner machine can be used to clean fine parts, such as industrial equipment, laboratory equipment, auto parts, watches and jewelry, etc
  • Strong Cleaning Ability: The ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts high-quality ultrasonic vibration head, which can clean small objects with complex structure or irregular shape, and has strong cleaning ability

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