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  • ✔Material: 304 stainless steel liner is used to effectively prevent the corrosion of liquids such as detergents. The safe and pollution-free frequency is as high as 47kHz. The sound waves are concentrated in the middle, and the high-frequency vibration shakes out the dirt on the surface. The dirt on the glasses and the bridge of the nose spewed out instantly. The object is not damaged.
  • ✔ Function: One-key operation, automatic operation, only 3 minutes. All-round 360° cleaning, high-frequency explosion of water molecules, powerful and precise impact on dirt, clean zero blind spots, dirt has nowhere to escape. Two pairs of glasses can be installed at the same time to realize the cleaning of larger objects.
  • ✔Design: Two-level cleaning mode, 6 minutes of powerful cleaning, aimed at stubborn stains all the year round; 3 minutes of quick cleaning, suitable for daily crevice stains. Choose high-quality PC, independent visual shielding, real-time observation of the cleaning status, so that the object reappears brilliance.
  • ✔ Applicable occasions: Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used for a variety of items, such as glasses, watches, bracelets, children's toys, cleaning jewelry, pacifiers, invisible braces, coins, tools, contact lenses, makeup brushes, etc. Let your items shine.
  • ✔After-sales service: Your satisfaction and recognition is our greatest affirmation and support. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us via email, we will provide you with quality service.

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