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  • Innovative [input] design, wide application, safe and harmless cleaning.
  • Easy to carry for a variety of occasions. Change your lifestyle, bring more possibilities for healthy life, glasses, jewelry, watches, clean and thorough, ultrasonic fruits and vegetables to pesticides, seafood cleaning, super clean and more assured, dentures, braces, deep cleaning and stain removal.
  • Small size and large energy: Jie Kang portable cleaner is about the same size as an apple. It is very convenient to carry. It uses 70W high-power transducer, and the cleaning effect is remarkable.
  • Cost-effective, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, this cleaner consumes a small amount of electricity, saves water and electricity, and is completely clean.
  • Independent power control is convenient and quick: the power controller is inserted into the plug-in board, the ultrasonic transducer is put into the water, and the switch is pressed to start cleaning, which is very convenient.

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