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  • 【High performance and moisture-proof protection】 The inner box, ultrasonic sleeve, cleaning basket, drain and cover are all made of SUS304 and protect the ultrasonic cleaner from corrosion. It has a longer lifespan than SUS201's sonic cleaner.
  • 【Adjustable temperature】 Recommended cleaning temperature from 0 to 80 ° C to improve cleaning performance. When the temperature is higher than the preset value, the heater will automatically stop heating
  • 【Perfect ultrasonic and heating performance】 The ultrasonic cleaner generates 40 kHz ultrasonic waves in the water tank. The heating power is 100W and the ultrasonic power is 120W. It is used professionally for heavy flushing of fabrics with blind and deep holes. The heating function is improved. Cleaning effect of oil and wax
  • 【Durability】 Used to clean many different types of items including jewelry, lenses, dental and surgical instruments, coins, golf clubs, musical instruments, fishing reels, industrial parts and electronic devices, etc.
  • 【Powerful timing function】 User-friendly preset cleaning time option (0-99 minutes) Mechanical control, simple and convenient operation, button design panel with timer and heating function. The washing time can be precisely controlled by turning the round knob and the temperature. more humane and more durable

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