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  • A new upgrade LP vinyl records cleaning system of 2020, complete solution for ultrasonic cleaning of up to 5 vinyl records per batch, about 4 revolutions per minute, much less cleaning time than hands cleaning, non-harmful to the records, clean records without blind spots.
  • No fancy record cleaning additives needed. Just add a couple of drops of a wetting agent (Kodak Photo-Flo, Ilford Ilfotol or Tergi-kleen) to distilled water and you are good to go. You can make your own concoction, as long as it's safe with the ultrasonic cleaner (NO HEATING, Heating is forbidden, it hurts the records).
  • Never handle wet records, a knob solves all problems, raising, descending, during cleaning, descending the records, after cleaned, rise up the records, air-dry completely and thoroughly, no more to dry the records with high quality microfiber cloths. Installation and uninstallation can be completed with only two screws, more convenient, ultrasonic cleaner machine with drain valve, discharge dirty wastewater directly.
  • Label saver is waterproof type with "O" type silicone ring, so you don't need to worry about label contamination and wet when washing records in the ultrasonic machine, but other's no label protection, it may damage the important record label without the label saver.
  • LP vinyl records bracket is made of aluminum, CNC Machining, anodized black, the same color feeling as an important record, The Clear Choice for Cleaner Sounds. This is a package sales, it come with a digital control 6L ultrasonic Cleaner(Model:VGT-1860QTD) and a bracket together.

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